Mortgage Interest Rates Comparison


Rate quotes should be the same or better than the benchmark Maryland Mortgage (CDA) Program ‘Preferred Ratefor buyers with good credit. A graph comparing loan programs over time may be requested by calling 443-829-2210. Questions may be emailed to

Links to lender rate quote pages follow:
(Many charge points to archive the advertised rate. One point on a $200,000 loan is $2,000)
The Maryland CDA program does not charge Lender Discount Points / Lender Origination Points
These are generally regarded as a poor use of a homebuyer’s limited cash.

MMProgram -Maryland CDA rates Call 443-829-2210 for program explanations
USAA rates
WellsFargo rates
Suntrust rates
CitiBank rates
USBank rates
BBT rates
PNC rates
Bank of America rates
PNC rates

Additional Notes
Advertised rate quotes presume excellent credit (740 credit scores for conventional loans and 700 scores for FHA loans). Annual percentage rates for conventional loans presume 20% down with no mortgage insurance. It is recommended that anyone considering a mortgage with less than 20% down contact us for a full written comparison of financing options, because conventional mortgage insurance offers competitive options to FHA. For additional information call 443-829-2210 .

Rates offered by lending institutions on any given day should be similar for borrowers with similar credit scores. They may appear different because many advertisements list rates that require the payment of discount points. Each point is one percent of the loan amount. When using grant programs such as $5000 FHLB, or CDA Dselp, paying points is not an efficient use of funds.

Questions may be emailed to